River District Townhomes & Presale Townhouses

Here is our curated list of River District Townhomes and Presale Townhouses in South Vancouver.  Townhomes generally come in larger multi-unit complexes and smaller three or four-unit groupings.  The multi-level layout and private entry give the feel of a single-family home without the expenses that come from maintaining gardens yourself. Despite the shared wall, a townhouse can feel more private than a condo, yet the homeowner’s association gives much of the same convenience and protection.

If you own a single-family home and want to downsize, or you’d like to upscale from an apartment or condo, you will find townhouses here. Townhome construction has surged in the last year or so. To the most recent numbers, townhomes now make up nearly 13% of all single-family starts and have notched a 38% uptick in just a year. And if you ask most experts, that trend will only continue to grow.

Looking for a condominium rather than a townhouse? Look at our River District Condos & Presale Developments →

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Avalon 3 River District

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MODE at River District

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Paradigm River District

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