In 2019, Wesgroup built a River District Apiary as one of its environmental initiatives to create a sustainable community. This home for honey bees is overseen by a Master Beekeeper who supports bee health and raises locally-adapted queen bees. Honey produced by the River District bees is harvested and packaged for purchase.

Why Bees Are Important

As pollinators, bees play a vital role in the reproduction and growth of flowers, plants, and trees. These, in turn, provide food, materials, and shelter that allow diverse species to co-exist at the River District Apiary.

Bees are also essential to agriculture. At least one-third of the world’s food supply depends on bees’ pollination. In recent years, however, a growing number of bees have been decimated by Colony Collapse Disorder, thought to be triggered by insecticide use. The River District Apiary provides our bees with a safe home to help plants grow in our gardens, parks, and public spaces.

You, Too, Can Help the Bees

It takes approximately two million flowers to make one pound of honey —  the only food edible by humans that insects make. Some basic things you can do to support our bees are:

  • Avoid the use of all garden chemicals.
  • Create bee watering stations using a shallow dish filled with stones.
  • Only use bee-proof hummingbird feeders.
  • Plant bee-friendly plants in your garden or your balcony/patio pots.

Visit the River District Apiary

River District Apiary

The River District Apiary is located south of the Town Centre, on the east side of River District Crossing, between East Kent Avenue South and the River Walk.

A limited number of small group tours will be offered during the spring and summer. Follow River District Homes for announcements and updates: 
Facebook: @RiverDistrictHomes
Instagram: @riverdistricthomes
Twitter: @RDVancouver