River District Waterfront, Walking and Parks

The River District Waterfront master plan envisions a diverse, connected open space network that includes 27 acres of large civic parks, active playing fields, ecological spaces, greenways, and urban plazas. Together, these will seek to reintroduce nature to this former industrial site.

Walking and Parks

The two main River District green areas are ecological corridors that traverse the community from north to south, between Marine Way and the Fraser River.

River District Waterfront
Riverfront park walkway

The Kinross Park Corridor is a series of three parks on the west side of Kinross Street that provides a pedestrian link from Kinross Ravine Park to a new foreshore park. This riverfront park extends along the Fraser, from Kerr Street to the future public plaza on the central waterfront.

The Avalon Park Corridor will run south from Promontory Park at Marine Way & East Sawmill Crescent to the riverfront on the east side of the Avalon development. Promontory Park includes a playground, gardens, and a lawn. Avalon North Park will feature a synthetic turf field with lighting that will be shared with the adjacent future secondary school.

Currently, two neighbourhood parks provide north-south pedestrian connections between the condominiums along Pineview Crescent and the lowrise buildings on Riverwalk Avenue. Additional park space will be developed as the buildout of the River District progresses.

Riverfront Plaza

A standalone community centre will be located at the foot of River District Crossing, where it meets the Fraser River. Directly adjacent to the south side will be a public plaza intended as a community gathering space for events and festivals.

The plaza will be framed by two retail buildings on the east and west sides featuring cafés and restaurants. A waterfront park is located south, through which the foreshore trail will pass.

Fraser River Waterfront Greenway

Following the Fraser River from Kerr Street to Boundary Road, this is a separated, accessible public greenway and bikeway that connects River District Waterfront with the West Fraserlands and Burnaby. The fish and wildlife habitat along the foreshore will be restored and enhanced by introducing intertidal marshes and mudflats, native riparian landscape planting, and climate adaptation measures, including flood protection.