River District Community Map

The River District is still growing, and new condo developments will open for years to come.

Browse our interactive community map above to get an idea of how the neighbourhood is shaping up. Be sure to check out the real estate opportunities by visiting the comprehensive list of properties on this website!

The East Fraser Lands, as the River District is formally known, lies in the southeast corner of Vancouver on the Fraser River. They include the land between Kerr Street and Boundary Road south of Marine Way, as well as a triangle-shaped site north of Marine Way at Boundary Road. The rail corridor divides EFL into North and South sections. More about our central location and transit services →

A variety of River District amenities will provide residents with community services, leisure & recreation programs and event spaces. The River District is building many conveniences for its residents, from local shops and services to waterfront walkways and parks for everyone to enjoy.

Everything At Your Doorstep

Living in the River District offers everything steps away. Conveniently located grocery shopping, a pharmacy, banking, child care and more services. Outdoor recreation with green spaces and walking paths along a waterfront walkway. You will enjoy a relaxing, healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle with all the indoor and outdoor amenities you want.

A Quality Lifestyle in South Vancouver

River District residents enjoy a healthier, sustainable, and quality lifestyle in a diverse, connected community. From condominiums and townhomes to rental apartments and co-ops, a variety of housing choices welcome a mix of people spanning a range of life stages.

River District Events and Festivals

River District Events Festivals and activities are constantly occurring at River District Vancouver. At various locations, especially at the community centre, there are workshops, yoga sessions, fitness classes, kids’ activities and other fun things to do throughout the year.

River District Amenities

The River District Community offers many conveniences to its residents, from local shops and services to the waterfront walkways and parks for everyone to enjoy.

Chai at Pier

River District Waterfront & Walking Paths

The River District master plan envisions a diverse and connected open space network that includes 27 acres of large civic parks, active playing fields, ecological spaces, greenways, and urban plazas. Together, these will seek to reintroduce nature to this former industrial site.

Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Living

As Vancouver’s last undeveloped waterfront neighbourhood, River District was envisioned as a sustainable, eco-friendly complete community with a variety of housing, commercial space, and a range of community amenities.


The River District Apiary: A Bee Sanctuary

In 2019, Wesgroup built an apiary in River District as one of its environmental initiatives to create a sustainable community. This home for honey bees is overseen by a Master Beekeeper who supports bee health and raises locally-adapted queen bees. Honey produced by the River District bees is harvested and packaged for purchase.