The Vancouver River District is a 130-acre, master-planned South Vancouver development expected to house 18,000 residents upon completion. As a sustainable, complete community, it is slated to include 27 acres of parks, public open areas and 500,000 sq ft of commercial space.

As the River District is formally known, the East Fraser Lands lies in the southeast corner of Vancouver on the Fraser River. They include the land between Kerr Street and Boundary Road south of Marine Way and a triangle-shaped site north of Marine Way at Boundary Road. The rail corridor divides EFL into North and South sections.

About The Vancouver River District

Those becoming River District residents will enjoy a great quality of life in this family-friendly community. New retail spaces, restaurants and service amenities are always opening to allow people to live, work, play, and go to school here in this neighbourhood. Community family events are scheduled throughout the year at the Community Centre. Everyone is welcome to drop by —no age restrictions exist. Outdoor parks and waterfront walkways allow you to get outside and take children and pets on leisurely walks.

About The Vancouver River District

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Vancouver’s River District area boasts a long history, first as a settlement and then as an industrial zone before becoming a modern residential neighbourhood. Please find out more about the fascinating history behind the District with our thorough History Timeline! View the timeline here →

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